Sand Box

The National Innovation and Technology (NTIS) Sandbox is a facility that enables researchers, innovators, start-ups and high-tech entrepreneurs to test products, services, business models and delivery mechanisms in a live environment.

The role of NTIS

As the national coordination and facilitator solution center, NTIS provides flexibility to selected or overall processes and / or regulatory requirements to accelerate the development of innovative solutions from the research & development stage to the commercially available stage.

Digitalisation Area

NTIS is open to all types of technology with priority given to the following technologies:

  1. 5G / 6G
  2. Sensor Technology
  3. 4D / 5D printing
  4. Advanced Materials
  5. Advanced Intelligence System
  6. Enhanced Analytics & Data Recovery
  7. Chain Block
  8. Neuro Technology
  9. Bioscience Technology
  10. Robotics
  11. Artificial Technology
  12. Electrical & Electronics
  13. Cyber Encryption & Security
  14. Dron

NTIS can consider foreign technology provided the solution is owned by a majority Malaysian-owned ownership company.

However, this solution is not eligible for funding under MTDC.


Target Sector

Open to technology, products, solutions and research & development for priority sectors, according to current needs.

  • Medical and Health Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Tourism & Travel


  • Capacity development program
  • Market access & procurement facilitator
  • Facilitate financing
  • Test site and test / inspection environment facilitator
  • Facilitator / review of rules and regulations
  • Adoption of various industries

SMEs Eligibility​

  • Malaysians or Malaysian-Owned Companies
  • Foreign companies – Joint Venture / merger of entities owned by Malaysians when the application is approved
  • Technology Availability Level (TRL) at level 6 (Commercial Ready Prototype) and above
  • Have proof of technology ownership / permission to adopt technology
  • Problems & issues related to market access / regulatory regulations

Fund Amount
And Funding Quantum

Sandbox 1 Fund, financing is 100 percent of the cost eligible to be funded * with the maximum quantum that has been set.

For Sandbox Funds 3 & 4, the financing is 70 percent of the cost eligible to be funded * with the maximum quantum that has been set.

* Eligible costs included, but not limited to the following list:

  • Technology Licensing Cost / Advisory Service Fee;
  • Purchase of Machines & Equipment (Sandbox Funds 3 & 4 only);
  • Product Registration Cost / Product Supervision Control;
  • Manufacturing cost;
  • Intellectual Property Registration;
  • Technology and Market Verification Activities;
  • Marketing and Promotion Costs (Sandbox Funds 3 & 4 only); and
  • Operation cost.

Quantum financing ranges from RM250,000 to RM4 million depending on the fund scheme offered.

Application Process

Applicants who are interested in participating in the NTIS Program must apply for the program through the website

Once the company’s application is approved by the NTIS Secretariat, the NTIS Secretariat will inform the MTDC and MTDC officers will contact the successful company for further funding application steps.


Key Financing

Fast Track Financing Agency

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