Digital Transformation Acceleration Programme (DTAP)

A healthy Digital Economy ensures that the nation’s industry has the agility to adapt to global digital disruption. The Digital Transformation Acceleration Programme (DTAP) will help futureproof Malaysian companies.

An outcome-driven programme, the DTAP aims to provide Malaysian companies with the necessary tools to help kickstart their digital transformation journey. The goal of the programme – to help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals.


Adapting to the digital disruption can be a daunting prospect, particularly for companies with limited resources. DTAP has been launched with two key objectives:

  • To futureproof Malaysian companies by helping them enhance their competitiveness
  • To provide a structured approach from global experts via Digital Transformation Labs for participating companies embarking on their digital transformation journey.

How To Apply

DTAP Pilot Grant

Introduced following a partnership with the Malaysians Investment Development Authority (MIDA), the DTAP Pilot Grant assists companies to leverage on Digital Transformation Lab’s expertise and assistance in addressing pain points and exploit opportunities in the digital space, while adopting emerging technologies.

Here’s how your company can apply for the grant.

Step 1:
Download the DTAP programme guidleine 
Step 2:
Identify your business’ pain points
Step 3:
Speak to our Digital Transformation Lab Partners
Step 4:
Discover opportunities in the digital space

Assisting Companies With Their Digital Transformation Plans

Established in partnership with global experts, the Digital Transformation Labs (DTL) help companies identify business pain points using specific methodologies to brainstorm on new ideas, design new business models, develop new products and/or technology designs, and pilot the implementation plan.

Through the DTL, a company is able to set out a digital transformation journey of their own.

Successful Transformations

Over the years, many local companies have relied on the DTAP to achieve their digital transformation objectives. Here are some of the companies that have benefitted from DTAP:

Successful Testimonial Videos

Here are some of the companies that have managed to complete their digital transformations successfully.

MDEC Official Website

Contact Digital Transformation Labs (DTL)

The Digital Transformation Labs are created in partnership with some of the industry’s leading experts in Digital Transformation. Here are some of partners:

Learn how our Digital Transformation Labs can help companies with their Digital Transformation plans